Yes, thanks to donors like you, we can end chronic homelessness in Montreal!


Merely taking in homeless men and women at our shelters and watching them come back time and time again is not the solution.

In fact, this only perpetuates the cycle of homelessness, hence our plan based on six key priorities:

Enhanced emergency services

Every homeless person who knocks at the Old Brewery Mission’s door meets with a counselor. They are rapidly referred to a personalized program that leads to affordable, permanent housing, with all the necessary psychosocial support.


Personalized support programs

We have many programs for men and women that address all aspects of homelessness. They allow homeless people to acquire the skills needed to find a stable home, as well as regain their autonomy and dignity.


Affordable permanent housing

Thanks to our many partners, more than 300 housing units are available in Montreal for homeless people. We need more.


Adapted physical and mental health services

The Old Brewery Mission works with community and public health institutions to provide homeless people with appropriate medical and psychiatric care for their various conditions.


Community outreach and support

Counselors make follow-up visits to previously homeless people who are now housed. In addition, outreach workers meet homeless men and women who tend to avoid shelters, so that they can take advantage of the services that will help them leave the street behind.


Research and Knowledge on homelessness

To effectively address this social problem, we must fully understand it. That is why the Old Brewery Mission created a research department that works with various institutions to enhance and share vital information on this issue.


How will your donation be invested?

It will support these six key priorities and help to enhance our psychosocial support programs and other life-changing services. It will also help us to find more permanent and affordable housing for homeless men and women.

To end chronic homelessness in Montreal, please give generously in support of our plan. There’s no doubt that your donation will help to write a remarkable chapter in our history, and one of the most awe-inspiring chapters in Montreal’s history: the one about a city where every citizen has their dignity and a home to call their own.



Homelessness is not a given, but rather a phenomenon that we can—and must—put an end to. Please, give generously.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.