Be a part of the solution to end homelessness!
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Launch your own fundraising campaign! Participate in a sporting event, take on a challenge, raise funds for a birthday, a wedding, a graduation… Be creative!
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Join a Campaign
People, just like you, who are sensitive to the cause have already launched campaigns. Combine your efforts to theirs by joining in on their campaign.
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Be a part of the solution, by supporting a campaign or by giving directly to the Old Brewery Mission.
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Join a Campaign

You have two options: Join a campaign as an individual participant or create a team that your friends and colleagues can join through an invitation from you.

Become a participant

Begin by selecting the campaign you want to support. Then, create your profile by entering the required information. Communication tools will allow you to reach out to your friends, relatives and colleagues for donations to help you work towards your fundraising goals.

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Create a team

The steps are simple. Begin by selecting a campaign you would like to support. You can then create a team name and enter the required information. Communication tools will allow you to invite your friends to join. You will have the option to approach potential donors as a group or as individual team members.

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Make a donation

There are many ways to support the cause…The choice is yours!

General Support

Your donation will go directly towards our organization to help individuals living in homelessness find a home and reclaim their space within the community.

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Encourage a campaign

You are not only helping homeless men and women. You are also supporting the fundraising initiative of a caring individual dedicated to being engaged in their community.

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Make it Happen is a community of people who are committed to transforming lives — simply by doing what they love to do. It’s never been easier to have fun and raise funds for the Old Brewery Mission.

You can Make it Happen

Together with you, the Old Brewery Mission believes in people, in their ability to overcome the tremendous challenges of life on the streets, and to reclaim their rightful place in society. We succeed by inspiring, by leading, but above all, by being an agent of social transformation.

Here’s where you come in!


Come up with an idea for a campaign. (Ideas listed below but possibilities are endless!)


Sign up and create your campaign page.


Share with your friends, family and colleagues and Make it Happen!


Have fun! Raising funds for a cause is not only exciting, but powerful.

Run a 5k, swim across a lake, fast for a day, bike somewhere; celebrate your wedding, anniversary or birthday; organize an office party, a hockey tournament, a concert or a movie night… It’s up to you! Whatever you do, you’ll be helping men and women experiencing homelessness to rebuild their lives and find a place to call home.

Still sitting on the fence? Check out this video.

Remember, your event can be as small or as big as you choose, and the amount you raise doesn’t have to be huge – every donation is part of the solution!

Need more ideas?

Here are a few examples of the types of fundraisers you can organize for the Old Brewery Mission:

A special occasion

Special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, graduations, family or class reunions, can be perfect opportunities to raise funds.

A sporting activity

Raise funds by participating in a spinning challenge, running a race, swimming across a lake, embarking on a cycling tour, organizing a special yoga session, and more!

A challenge

Participate in a dance-a-thon, a polar swim, a backwards day…No TV, chocolate, or buying coffee for a month…No speaking for a day (some people may be happy!). Challenge yourself!

An event

Organize a concert, an office cocktail party, a rummage sale, a movie night, a conference, a book club…

Featured Campaigns

There are individuals, who just like yourself, are concerned with the well-being of homeless men and women. This is why the Make it Happen movement is so dynamic. Get inspired by these campaigns!

Share today and grow the movement!

A few resources for you

Need a logo for the promotion of your campaign as well as some tips to share your special project?
Check out these printable PDF files.

For any additional information, please contact:

Events and Fundraising Initiatives

  514 788-1884, ext.254

Special thanks to Pete Marier for lending his talent and voice to the Old Brewery Mission, and inspiring others to Make it Happen!

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