Help Homeless Montrealers Wake Up in a Real Home

This past year has been a challenging one for homeless-serving organizations, and the Old Brewery Mission is no exception. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve seen an increase in the demand for assistance in acquiring basic items and goods, as many businesses refuse cash payments and credit cards are not accessible for many of our clientele.

Little things that most of us take for granted, like a clean bed to sleep on at night, are simply out of reach for people who are working to rebuild their lives.

That’s why we are so happy to present Allstate Canada’s “Wake Up in a Real Home” initiative. Allstate is helping purchase necessary items—bed frames, mattresses, pillows and linens—for men and women in the Old Brewery Mission’s affordable housing program. Every furnished bed costs approximately $850.

“Every donation will go directly to people that have successfully transitioned out of homelessness and are now living in their new home. To someone who was once homeless, having a new bed means a fresh start—a new beginning and a chance to reclaim their dignity,” said James Hughes, President and CEO of the Mission. “Allstate has been a partner for the last seven years and are really committed to helping us to find sustainable solutions to homelessness.”

Until Friday April 30, 2021, Allstate will match 100 per cent of donations (up to a maximum of $10,000) and is committing to help at least 10 people buy a new bed to start their new life.

Please give generously and help Montrealers wake up in a real home.