On May 15 2023, 

In keeping with our obligations under the Act Respecting the Protection of Personal Information in the Private Sector, the Old Brewery Mission wishes to inform users that have used our services between 2012 and 2022 of a cyber incident that may have affected their personal information. We would also like to inform them of the measures available for them to take to better protect their personal information, as well as those we are taking to continue to protect their personal information. 


To summarize – what you need to know  

  • The Old Brewery Mission has been the victim of a cyber incident. 
  • Personal information we have about some users who used our services between 2012 and 2022 may have been compromised. 
  • At this time, we have no evidence that this personal information has been used for malicious purposes. 
  • As a precautionary measure, we are offering a free 1-year credit monitoring service with TransUnion to users who used our services between 2012 and 2022. Eligible individuals must contact us by August 1, 2023 to take advantage of this service. 
  • To obtain an activation code for the TransUnion service or for additional information about the incident, please contact us at 514 866-6591 ext. 200 or 


What happened and what actions were taken by the Old Brewery Mission 

On December 13, 2022, we discovered that the Old Brewery Mission was subject to a cybersecurity incident that may have resulted in an unauthorized third party compromising certain data on our systems. With the assistance of cybersecurity experts, we immediately conducted an investigation to contain the incident and to investigate the circumstances and impacts surrounding it.  


Rest assured that we are taking all the necessary measures to prevent such an event from happening again in the future. Additional security parameters have been implemented in our system and the appropriate authorities have been notified of the situation. 


What personal information is affected 

According to the investigation conducted by our specialists, some personal information contained in our database concerning users who used our services between 2012 and 2022 may have been compromised. However, despite the steps taken, given the volume and variety of documents contained on our servers, we are not able to identify the users concerned, nor the exact personal information concerning them.  

It is important to note that at this time, we have no evidence that our users’ personal information has been used for malicious purposes. However, since the security of our users’ personal information is an ongoing priority, we felt it important to publish this notice. 


Credit Monitoring with TransUnion 

 Although there is no indication that personal information has been misused, the Old Brewery Mission is offering a free 1-year credit monitoring service with TransUnion, one of Canada’s leading credit reporting agencies, to users that used the Old Brewery Mission’s services between 2012 and 2022.  

To take advantage of this service, please contact the Old Brewery Mission by phone at 514 866-6591 ext. 200 or by email at

You will need to provide us with your name and the year(s) in which you received our services. Eligible persons must contact us before August 1, 2023. Within a few days, you will hen receive an activation code and instructions on how to enroll in the TransUnion service. We encourage you to contact us and activate the activation code as soon as possible. 


What you can also do to protect yourself 

We encourage you to always be vigilant and limit any potential damage by taking the following preventative measures:  

  • Monitor your bank accounts. If you have any concerns or identify any suspicious or fraudulent transactions on your credit or debit card, we recommend that you contact your financial institution, law enforcement, the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre (1-888-495-8501) or TransUnion directly (1-877-713-3393).  
  • Change your passwords regularly and make sure they are secure – especially when an account is linked to your Social Insurance Number. Never use the same passwords. 
  • Be careful about sharing your personal information in an unsolicited manner, whether by phone, email or on a website.  
  • Avoid clicking on links or downloading attachments in suspicious emails.  
  • If you notice any suspicious activity, report it to the appropriate authorities.  
  • Contact us and sign up for the TransUnion services above.  

The following website offers additional tips and resources to help protect your identity: 


For more information 

 If you would like more information about this incident, please contact us by phone at 514 866-6591 ext. 200 or by email at 

 We take your privacy seriously, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this incident may cause you.  



James Hughes 

President and CEO 

Old Brewery Mission