The Old Brewery Mission says thank you to the Brighter Together Foundation

Their generous donation of $1,500 will be used for the purchase of kitchen items such as utensils, plates, cooking mugs, as well as warm blankets for the upcoming cold winter weather. These purchases will be given to our “Services to women” of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion which offers an unconditional welcome and a safe place to all women who shows up at its doors.

The Brighter Together Foundation is a non-profit organization for all domiciled, resident and immigrant of Canada. The organization provides financial support from organizations to tackle issues here even in Canada. Their goal is to help charities achieve specific and practical goals to support their services and their communities.

From the bottom of their hearts, the team and users of the Old Brewery Mission thanks the precious donors who allow us to continue our mission to meet the needs of people experiencing homelessness.