Housing Options

A Place to Call Home

Nothing is more fundamental to putting an end to homelessness than ensuring that individuals have a place to call home; it is the bedrock of security and dignity. The Mission works with local housing authorities, as well as private building owners, to provide a range of affordable housing alternatives, so that people in crisis situations are not forced to rely on emergency shelter for long periods of time.

For the first time in the Old Brewery Mission’s history, the number of affordable housing units now surpasses the number of shelter beds—a turning point for the Mission and a step toward independence for our clients.

Le Pont-TD

This program, which helps homeless people find permanent, affordable housing in Montreal, has seen the number of housing units increase from 15 to 64 since being launched in 2009.

La traversée Grace Dart Foundation

This program, designed to meet the specific needs of homeless seniors, was introduced in May 2015. Fourteen homeless people aged 50 and over now have access to housing in a warm and friendly community environment that offers support, stability, peace and quiet.

Martha, resident of La traversée Grace Dart Foundation, enjoys welcoming visitors into her new home which she decorates with colorful plants.

Thanks to the Grace Dart Foundation’s extraordinary generosity, our clients are receiving the help they need to age in dignity. We’re most proud to name our 14-bed residence dedicated to older adults who’ve experienced life on the street La traversée Grace Dart Foundation.

Projet Logement Montréal

With the goal of creating 250 affordable housing units by 2020 on the Island of Montreal for people who are chronically or episodically homeless, this program stems from a partnership between the Old Brewery Mission and La Maison du Père, Welcome Hall Mission, and Accueil Bonneau.

– Housing at a Glance:

  • 40 affordable apartments throughout Montreal with Le Pont-TD
  • 30 studio apartments for men at our Marcelle & Jean Coutu Pavilion
  • 29 studio apartments for women at our Lise Watier Pavilion
  • 14 housing units for seniors with La traversée Grace Dart Foundation
  • 9 affordable apartments for women with Les Voisines dans la communauté