Psychosocial Support

The Old Brewery Mission goes well beyond offering emergency shelter and food. Our long-term vision is to help see an end to chronic homelessness, whereby a person finds themselves stuck in the shelter system for months, years, even decades. That’s why we offer several targeted transition programs that assist men and women in building the skills they need to move out of shelter life and into affordable, permanent housing.

Homeless for the First Time: Accueil Program

To someone who has never been homeless before, the experience of living on the streets can be shocking and overwhelming. Most newcomers to the Mission are unprepared for the stark reality of an overcrowded shelter, and entering that environment without the proper support can put them at even greater risk of falling into chronic homelessness.

That’s why the Old Brewery Mission created Accueil in September 2012, a residential assessment and referral program for people who are homeless for the first time. Through Accueil, all newcomers receive psychosocial support and individual counselling from the get-go. Looking forward, we aim to expand this essential program, with the ultimate goal of replacing shelter beds altogether.

Nearly 75% of participants move on to stable housing or access resources that will allow them to regain their autonomy. This stands in stark contrast to the Webster Pavilion’s emergency shelter, where 85% of the beds are currently occupied by people experiencing chronic homelessness.

Enhanced Emergency Services

Homeless men and women can get the tools and support they need to stabilize their lives, including help in obtaining official identification documents and monthly social-assistance income. In a healthy and secure environment, all participants receive one-on-one counselling with a Mission counsellor. Participants can focus on working toward an autonomous future as essential needs, such as nutritious meals, a warm bed and clean clothes, are provided.

  • For men, emergency services are available at the Webster Pavilion
  • For women, emergency services are offered at the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion

Les Voisines

Routine activities, like shopping, preparing a meal or even socializing, can feel overwhelming to people who have been living on the street. Les Voisines is a program that helps women at risk of slipping into chronic homelessness practice essential life skills. Through individual and group counselling and staff support, participants build their self-confidence and capacity to fully integrate into society.

Located on the fourth floor of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion, Les Voisines can support 10 women at a time. To learn more about all of our programs for women, visit Resources for Homeless Women.

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