Support in the Community

Community Outreach and Support

Too often, homeless men and women “slip between the cracks.” With barriers to physical and mental healthcare, social assistance and basic necessities, many of Montreal’s homeless choose to sleep on park benches, under bridges and in door wells.

The Mission’s community outreach and support program plays an active role in addressing the needs of the men and women living on the streets. Outreach counsellors visit familiar haunts, like métro stations and the city’s parks, to deliver warm clothing, a bite to eat and information about the Mission’s services.

Building Relationships

The goal is to help extend care to those who are most vulnerable. By building these individual outreach relationships, counsellors can help direct homeless people into the Mission’s shelter and transition programs.


The Mission has partnered with Société de développement social de Ville-Marie (SDVM) as well as Société de transport de Montréal (STM) to help deliver and coordinate services.

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