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Galerie Mission Old Brewery

The cafeteria in the Webster Pavilion is home to the Galerie Mission Old Brewery.

More than a cafeteria

The cafeteria walls are decorated with original artwork that is admired by Old Brewery Mission clients, staff and volunteers.

The Galerie Mission Old Brewery, previously called Galerie Carlos, is the brainchild of Carlos Anglarill. A longtime counsellor at the Old Brewery Mission, he took on the role of curator of our art gallery when it opened in 2009. The gallery was named in his honour in 2016 when it moved into the cafeteria.

Featured artist

Susan Bardos-Dobbek

A Canadian originally from Hungary, Susan has 25 years of experience in various multimedia compositions with clay, fiber, watercolor, stained glass paint and alcohol ink.

She likes to discover that colors sometimes have their own way of interacting with each other. The result may be completely different from what was envisioned. Nevertheless, is it very satisfying.

Past exhibitions

Every year, half a dozen artists show their work at Galerie Mission Old Brewery, where it is enjoyed by staff and clients alike.

Call for exhibition proposals

Interested in exhibiting your work in our gallery? Consult the call for proposals and send us your application.