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Galerie Mission Old Brewery

The cafeteria in the Webster Pavilion is home to the Galerie Mission Old Brewery.

More than a cafeteria

The cafeteria walls are decorated with original artwork that is admired by Old Brewery Mission clients, staff and volunteers.

The Galerie Mission Old Brewery, previously called Galerie Carlos, is the brainchild of Carlos Anglarill. A longtime counsellor at the Old Brewery Mission, he took on the role of curator of our art gallery when it opened in 2009. The gallery was named in his honour in 2016 when it moved into the cafeteria.

The Galerie is part of an approach aimed at offering dignity and respect to the spaces frequented by people experiencing homelessness.

Featured artists

Centre Soutien-Jeunesse

Founded in 1990 and currently run by Julie Millette, the Centre Soutien-Jeunesse is a self-help group for adults with mental health difficulties or emotional problems.

With its creative arts workshops, it offers a vulnerable and frequently stigmatized clientele a non-judgmental space for exchange, self-expression and creation, where participants can explore freely, while benefiting from the therapeutic virtues of creation. As well as helping to break down social isolation, foster a sense of personal empowerment and develop new skills, the center offers a space for disseminating and showcasing the works produced, fostering a dialogue with the community.

Past exhibitions

Every year, half a dozen artists show their work at Galerie Mission Old Brewery, where it is enjoyed by staff and clients alike.

Our curator

Bob Venafro’s’ journey from the health system to the corporate world and eventually to retirement and as Curator of the Mission Old Brewery Gallery reflects a rich tapestry of experiences.

Bob's background in both the healthcare system and the corporate world provides him with a unique perspective that is invaluable in his role as a Curator. His understanding of both the human condition and the intricacies of organizational structures could inform his approach to curating exhibitions that are not only aesthetically enriching but also socially conscious and inclusive.

Prior to being accepted as the Volunteer Curator of Mission Old Brewery Bob's engagement with the homeless at Acceuil Bonneau in Old Montreal brought to his attention the wealth of energy, industry, and above all the creativity that resides in those we treat as invisible.

His dedication to his art, as evidenced by his five solo exhibitions and selection for showcases like Artothèque at Stewart Hall, speaks to his skill and passion.