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Every little bit counts in breaking the cycle of homelessness. Why not give your time?

The key to our success

The commitment of our community is critical to the success of our mission.

By offering your support, you have the opportunity to play a crucial role. Every effort counts and can have a lasting positive impact on the lives of people experiencing homelessness and on our Montreal community.

Volunteering with our organization is an enriching experience that enables you to support our cause while demonstrating to people experiencing homelessness in Montreal that their fellow citizens have their backs.

The Old Brewery Mission is looking for volunteers who are ready to put in a few hours per week, for a period of a few months.

Hold a fundraiser

A fundraiser is a way to give to the Old Brewery Mission by organizing your very own initiative. Choose your activity, sign up, and start raising funds!

Become a partner

Businesses and organizations can get involved with the Old Brewery Mission. Many partnership options are available.

Serve dinner

The Supper Experience is an enriching activity for any group that opts to take part, and it’s a way for the Old Brewery Mission to raise funds to break the cycle of homelessness.

Attend a benefit event

Old Brewery Mission benefit events are an opportunity to get together for a cause we care about and make a difference in the lives of homeless people.


Join us on a regular basis to make a real difference in the lives of people experiencing homelessness.

Our values

In the homelessness sector, values have a crucial importance. They represent the fundamental principles that guide our relationships with people in need, influencing our actions and our decisions. These profound values define our commitment toward empathy, dignity, and equality, shaping our approach to supporting individuals affected by homelessness with respect.

Need more information?

Want to volunteer but don’t know where to start? Email us!