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Women's services

Because women’s homelessness is all too real, we are very actively engaged in prevention, emergency services, and rehousing.

A hidden but very present reality

Although the reality of women experiencing homelessness is less visible than that of men, the fact remains that this issue is very significant in Montreal.

In fact, the situation has intensified in recent years.

The causes of homelessness among women and the issues women face differ from those of men. However, the solution to breaking the cycle is the same: enhancing the offer of housing that is adapted to their needs.

In order to break the cycle of homelessness for women, we use our dynamic intervention model, the same as we do for men. We act on prevention, emergency and rehousing with programs specific to this clientele.


Our prevention department works in collaboration with our housing support teams and key partners to develop and maintain programs that prevent women at risk of homelessness from succumbing to it.

  • Partner

    LI-BER-T House

    Through our partnership with LI-BER-T House, we help women who have experienced addiction problems find permanent housing.

  • Partner

    Logis Rose Virginie

    This partnership aims to prevent homelessness among young women aged 18-24 who are at high risk through Logis Rose Virginie’s housing options.


Knowing that the situation of women experiencing homelessness is different from men’s, we have adapted our emergency accommodation programs to better support them on the path to sustainable reaffiliation. A women-only pavilion gives them a safe environment for their journey.

  • Pavilion

    Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion

    The Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion provides an unconditional welcome and a safe place for all women to stay.

  • Program

    Colocs du PMP

    Les Colocs du PMP is the final stepping stone for women preparing to leave emergency programs and move into their own home.

  • Program

    Étape and Étape+

    Étape and Étape+ are housing programs with psychosocial support for women staying at the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion.

  • Program


    PRISM-Cogeco (Projet de réaffiliation en itinérance et santé mentale) aims to help people with severe and persistent mental health problems achieve stability and sustainable reaffiliation.


The pavilions and rehousing programs for women are adapted to meet the specific needs of women who have experienced homelessness. They represent safe places for women in the process of regaining their residential stability.

  • Housing Support

    Voisines dans la communauté

    Voisines dans la communauté is a private housing support program for women.

  • Our housing

    Lise Watier Pavilion

    Pavillon Lise Watier opened in 2010 in a residential area of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve with 29 transitional units reserved for female clients.

  • Our housing

    Voisines de Lanaudière

    Les Voisines de la Lanaudière is a 10-room relais apartment for women emerging from homelessness. For many women who have used our emergency services, it is a first step towards housing stability.

  • Our housing

    Voisines de Lartigue

    Voisines de Lartigue is a rehousing project for women located a stone’s throw from our women’s emergency services pavilion, the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion (PMP).

In figures

In 2022-2023, the Old Brewery Mission maintained and expanded its service offer for women.

  • 4

    rehousing pavilions for women

  • 395

    women obtained services from the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion

  • 111

    women participated in a rehousing program

Living at Lartigue means finding your dignity again, because nobody asks to be homeless. Being able to sleep and go to the bathroom alone. It’s just trying to find your peace and comfort again. And it’s a stepping-stone toward having a permanent apartment.
Housing resident at Voisines de Lartigue

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    With an expanding offer of community housing services, the Old Brewery Mission’s presence in Montreal is always growing. Discover all our rehousing services and programs.

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    With your donations, we help to break down the barriers of isolation and create a path to lasting reaffiliation, making a significant difference in these women’s lives.