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Everyone had a home once

The right to housing is a fundamental right for everybody! This is why making rehousing possible, facilitating it and maintaining it are three of our key objectives. More specifically, we aim to foster autonomy and residential stability while accompanying people toward social reintegration.

Rehousing programs

With the unhoused population in Montreal growing, we need to find innovative solutions to help more people get off the street—sustainable solutions suited to their circumstances. That’s what we’re doing with our set of rehousing programs tailored to the individual.

  • Mixed

    Grand 1 and 2

    The Grand 1 and 2 project in Notre-Dame-de-Grâce offers people who are ready to leave homelessness behind an alternative housing solution outside the downtown core.

  • Mixed

    Le Pont-TD

    Le Pont-TD is a permanent supportive housing program in the community that is tailored to the needs of people who have achieved housing stability and are autonomous.

  • Mixed

    Dézéry project

    The Dézéry project is a mixed facility that offers a variety of housing options to meet its residents’ diverse needs.

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    Projet Logement Montréal

    Projet Logement Montréal is a partnership between the Old Brewery Mission, Maison du Père, Accueil Bonneau and the Welcome Hall Mission. The program aims to place people experiencing homelessness in stable housing in the private market.

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    Designed and developed with the needs of veterans experiencing homelessness in mind, the Sentinels program includes measures and services designed to promote economic and social independence, end chronic homelessness and promote long-term reaffiliation.

  • For women

    Voisines dans la communauté

    Voisines dans la communauté is a private housing support program for women.

Our housing

The housing crisis we're facing in Montreal makes it all the more difficult for people experiencing homelessness to find a place to live. That's why the creation of community housing, whether through new construction or renovation, is one of the three pillars of the Old Brewery Mission.

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    La Traversée Grace Dart Foundation

    The La Traversée Grace Dart Foundation program was launched in May 2015 specifically to meet the needs of seniors experiencing homelessness. It is a mixed facility with 14 rooms.

  • For men

    Résidence Bash Shetty

    The Résidence Bash Shetty, an Old Brewery Mission community project with 24 studio apartments for men, opened in 2023. It provides a permanent housing solution.

  • For women

    Lise Watier Pavilion

    Pavillon Lise Watier opened in 2010 in a residential area of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve with 29 transitional units reserved for female clients.

  • For men

    Marcelle and Jean Coutu Pavilion

    The Marcelle and Jean Coutu Pavilion has 30 relais units reserved for men. For some of the clients who use our emergency services, it is the first step towards stability.

  • For women

    Voisines de Lanaudière

    Les Voisines de la Lanaudière is a 10-room relais apartment for women emerging from homelessness. For many women who have used our emergency services, it is a first step towards housing stability.

  • For women

    Voisines de Lartigue

    Voisines de Lartigue is a rehousing project for women located a stone’s throw from our women’s emergency services pavilion, the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion (PMP).

Rehousing by the numbers

Our rehousing programs helped many people maintain or regain housing stability in 2022-2023.

  • 347

    people were assisted by our Housing Support Services team

  • 113

    people lived in Old Brewery Mission community housing

  • 96

    people entered a rehousing program during the year

Mission helped me out of a hole I found myself in and led me to my own furnished place. They really helped me, and I don’t know where I would be without them.
Former participant in the Sentinels program

Collaborating with Bread and Beyond

We are fortunate to be partnering with Bread and Beyond on their Essentials Boxes project, an initiative that supports rehousing programs in Montreal by supplying residents with five starter boxes containing items for the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, pantry and cleaning.

Their contribution makes a big difference in the welcome our residents receive. The cost of setting up a house is something that people leaving the streets, who are often on social assistance, cannot easily afford. They are in a particularly precarious and vulnerable situation once they move in: they have to think about buying furniture, household appliances and the items they need to live in and maintain their home. It isn’t easy for them to feel “at home”; it takes many months to buy what they need, if they ever can. They have to prioritize rent and food. Essentials Boxes make it easier to move into an apartment and they humanize the experience.