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A MU(ral) at the Old Brewery Mission

03 December 2014

The mural highlighting our 125th anniversary and historic milestone was inaugurated in the presence of the mayor of Montreal, Denis Coderre. Entitled Éclosions, the artwork was produced by MU and created by Annie Hamel with the help of her team of 6 young apprentices during ten weeks. This is a true metamorphosis of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion.

Watch its creation on the facade of the women’s pavilion in this timelapse video.

“The mural Éclosions proposed by Annie Hamel, MU and her team, is an important milestone in Montreal’s history. It emphasizes the importance of the Old Brewery Mission’s work during the last 125 years. More particularly, it reminds us that feminine homelessness is a priority, not a fatality to keep hidden in a gloomy building. The beauty of the work breaks the stigma associated with homelessness. It invites respect towards those who frequent this place and positively integrates the building into the neighborhood’s urban framework” said Denis Coderre, mayor of Montreal.

“As founder of a non-profit public art organization, I held the project at heart for its relevance. The wall is a real metamorphosis for the pavilion thanks to its radiance, but especially because it helps the clients regain a sense of dignity and pride, “said Elizabeth-Ann Doyle, executive director of MU. “Rather shift one’s gaze, the work calls out to be admired, opens the mind, prompts dialogue and raises awareness on issues related to female homelessness. This is exactly what lies in MU’s approach: meaningful art, ” she added.

“The mural that now decorates our walls is a piece of art that allows us to welcome women to the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion with grace, saying ‘we are here for you and we will support you in finding a rightful place in our community’. The message is also for our neighbors, to all Montreal citizens, of our commitment to bringing hope back to all homeless women. Solutions do exist and we will move forward together so that every woman can get on course towards a peaceful existence,” said Florence Portes, head of the Old Brewery Mission’s women’s services.

Within the project’s framework, a special cultural initiative was also organized by MU: homeless women and employees of Elle Quebec–which also happened to be celebrating its 25th anniversary–collaborated to create a mural inside the building at the entrance of the dormitory.

This project was produced by MU and executed through the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications’ Entente sur le développement culturel de Montréal and the city of Montreal, the borough of Ville-Marie, Benjamin Moore, the Old Brewery Mission and many generous donors.

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