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Allstate Canada Renews Support to the Old Brewery Mission

17 December 2018

$10,000 donation will help renovate Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion kitchen

Allstate Insurance Company of Canada is pleased to announce its renewed support to the MissionWith a new donation of $10,000, the Mission will be able to fund part of its renovation project in the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion, a unit entirely dedicated to helping homeless women. Allstate Canada’s donation will help fund much needed plumbing work, a new sink, and other essential kitchen equipment and appliances. 

Through the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion kitchen renovation project, the Mission will be able to better respond to the growing number of women knocking at its door. With the recent changes in services offered, it’s necessary to restructure the current facilities in order to increase functionality and reduce costs.

“Just like in homes across the country, the kitchen of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion, is the heart of our Women’s Services. Last year alone, over 600 local women in need enjoyed nutritious, hot meals there,” says Matthew Pearce, President and CEO of the Mission. “We’ll be able to equip the kitchen with necessary items like a new stock-pot stove, electric combi-oven, pre-washing table, clearing table, dish rack and appliances including a coffee machine and fryer. Allstate’s donation will have a real impact on a daily basis.”

Over the last four years, Allstate Canada and their local Montreal Agencies have been supporting the Old Brewery Mission as part of their community giveback. After helping to alleviate the costs of a new medical clinic at the Webster Pavilion in 2015, participating in the Grand Project in 2016, and financing the acquisition of an automatic floor scrubber in 2017, Allstate Canada is proud to continue its support and to make a difference in the lives of so many women.

“Helping the Mission to sustain and expand services that help people in our community transition from temporary to permanent housing means a great deal to us,” says Francois Mercure, Allstate Insurance Agency Manager. “It is our hope that this contribution will continue to make a difference in the lives of those that come to the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion for many years to come.”

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