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Matthew Pearce receives Ella Amir Award for Innovations in Mental Health

15 June 2017

On June 13, Matthew Pearce, President and CEO of the Old Brewery Mission, accepted AMI-Québec’s Ella Amir Award for Innovations in Mental Health.

The award recognizes individuals or organizations for their innovations in building awareness of mental health issues in the community through research, service, advocacy, combatting stigma or calling the public’s attention to the needs of family caregivers.

It was created by the AMI Board of Directors in 2015 to mark Ella Amir’s leadership and accomplishments over her 25 years as Executive Director of AMI-Quebec.

The first recipient was Dr. Stephen Snow of Concordia University in 2016. Matthew Pearce is the second recipient of this award.

Read about Matthew Pearce’s achievements at the Old Brewery Mission in AMI-Québec’s summer 2017 newsletter.

Listen to a conversation between Matthew Pearce and Marc Griffin, Program Coordinator at AMI-Qubec, about mental health and homelessness in this podcast.

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