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The Gift of Giving, Captured on Camera

20 June 2017

New inspiring video on the Old Brewery Mission Supper Experience premieres today

Capturing the Old Brewery Mission’s Supper Experience, a new video shows how homeless people’s lives can be transformed through the kindness of others. The video was created by Montreal-based advertising production company, Quartier Général, in collaboration with Montreal post-production company PMT. Directed by Patricia Beaulieu, the three-minute video features music by popular Quebec singer-songwriter and storyteller Fred Pellerin, and showcases the Supper Experience, a hands-on fundraising program.

The project was initiated by Julien Masson, Operations Manager at PMT. He had volunteered twice in the Supper Experience and felt compelled to do even more. “I was deeply touched and inspired by my experience at the Old Brewery Mission,” he says. “While it feels good to serve hundreds of meals with my colleagues to people in need, the Mission’s work goes beyond that—it’s about rebuilding people’s lives and restoring dignity.” With that in mind, Masson was determined to capture the spirit of the Supper Experience and help promote it to a wider audience. It should be noted that all the project’s artisans contributed on a voluntary basis.

In attendance at today’s premiere of the video was Jean Coutu, his wife Marcelle Coutu and their daughter, Marie-Josée Coutu (President, Fondation Marcelle et Jean Coutu). Over the past year, the Old Brewery Mission’s meal service has been profoundly transformed, eliminating time restrictions and allowing clients to enjoy their meals in a bright and contemporary space. Those changes were made possible thanks to Jean Coutu and the Marcelle and Jean Coutu Foundation’s exceptional contribution to the Old Brewery Mission, which funded the complete renovation of its cafeteria located at its Webster Pavilion on 915 Clark Street.

Kim Nguyen, Director of Development at the Old Brewery Mission, explains that the Supper Experience is an opportunity for people to get involved and make a difference. “With a welcoming smile, volunteers can break the isolation homeless people often face while serving an average of 400 meals during our dinner service,” she says. Groups also make a $2,000 donation that goes to providing counselling, adapted medical services and affordable, permanent housing options for the Mission’s clients. “In return, people get a guided tour of the Mission and walk away with a better understanding of the realities of homelessness,” Nguyen adds.

To book a Supper Experience, contact Catheryn Bergeron, Special Projets and Fundraising Initiatives Officer at 514 788-1884 ext. 254 or at cbergeron@missionoldbrewery.ca. Reserve as of today, as availabilities for the fall season fill up quickly!

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Video credits (all contributions were pro bono)

Director: Patricia Beaulieu
Assistant: Ariel Boisvert-Hayes
DOP: Jean-François Perreault
Sound recordist: Marc Tawil
Hair and makeup: Audrey Bitton
Production: Quartier Général
Producer: Marielle Mougeot
Coordination: Marie Dubeau-Labbé
Operations Manager, PMT: Julien Masson
Video editing: PMT- Jules Saulnier
Colourization: PMT – Vickie-Lynn Roy
HD Finish: PMT – François Bonnelly
Sound: PMT – Charles Bélanger
Music: Fred Pellerin, David Portelance (lyrics and music)

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