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The Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion and Le Chaînon Bite Back at Funding Inequities

09 April 2018
Florence Portes and Marcèle Lamarche

The Executive Director of the Association d’entraide Le Chaînon, Marcèle Lamarche and the Director of the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion, Florence Portes, are to announce this Thursday, April 12 at Robin des Bois, 4653 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, the data of an analysis confirming striking inequities in the public funding of the two most important resources for homeless and vulnerable women in Quebec will be unveiled.


In 2009, the Quebec government agreed to fund 50 per cent of the costs of emergency services for homeless men. These services include providing life’s basic necessities like a clean, safe place to sleep, shower and have a hot meal. Apparently, that same government did not deem it necessary to grant the same funding for services provided to women. As a result, public funding barely covers nine per cent of the costs of services provided by the Patricia Mackenzie Pavilion and Le Chaînon, which deliver life-saving services and more to homeless women, 24/7, 365 days a year.

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