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3 questions to… Marie-Pier Therrien, our Director of Communications

13 October 2022

Strategic, mobilizing and all-round talent, that’s how Marie-Pier Therrien could be described. Over the past few years, she has participated in several large-scale transformation projects, notably within major Quebec companies. In addition, as a consultant, she has led rebranding projects and contributed to the development of several communications teams. 

She now works at the Old Brewery Mission to deploy and coordinate all communications. She answered our questions. 


Hi Marie-Pier, what drew you to the homeless field, and more specifically to the Old Brewery Mission?  
Even while working in the corporate world, it has always been important for me to find a way to get involved in the community and give back. Over the course of my career, this involvement has taken many forms: volunteering, partnering, implementing social responsibility programs… The opportunity to join an organization directly was the next logical step.  
As for homelessness, as a Montrealer, it is something that cannot be ignored, it is part of the city’s issues. The impact of the Old Brewery Mission is recognized, it is marked. Moreover, I had already collaborated with the Old Brewery Mission during a dinner experience, so I knew the reality of the situation  


It’s been a few months now since you started your new role, is there a highlight you’d like to share with us?  
Overall, having the opportunity to work closely with our residents in the field on a weekly basis is what gives meaning to what we do and allows us to really understand the reality of these people and do the best job possible in communication to reflect the challenges on the front lines.  
What communication challenges do you see?  
Homelessness is a difficult subject that people don’t always want to talk about, the biggest challenge is to get people interested, to talk about it differently, and ultimately to make things happen.  

We can end this interview with a “bonus question”, do you have a mantra that helps you in your work?   
Telling the real stories never lies. I want to shine a light of our employees as much as our residents.  

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