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Preventing homelessness resulting from judicial and correctional processes

Octobre 2023

The research component on the judicial and correctional processes, one of the research streams of the Québec Homelessness Prevention Policy Collaborative (Q-HPPC), formulates recommendations for preventing homelessness among judicialized individuals.

To do so, it is necessary to have a flexible and humane accompaniment throughout their judicial trajectory, based on enhancing the competencies of staff who intervene during these trajectories, as well as improved access to services, collaboration among the various actors and recognition and valuing of experiential knowledge.

These recommendations flow from a collective effort by the members of our working group, which included individuals who had themselves experienced homelessness and judicialization, as well as representatives of police forces, correctional services, judicial services, psychosocial services (both in detention and in the community), community housing and shelter specialists and researchers.