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10 Items you Might Not Think of Donating

27 November 2019

Year after year, in addition to monetary donations, we always need warm, clean clothing in good condition, non-perishables and unopened hygiene products. But sometimes, some essential articles are really missing that the greater public wouldn’t necessarily think of donating. So, we have various and unexpected suggestions for you.

Here they are, starting with the top 10 most needed items:

1. Bus and metro tickets (STM)

2. New underwear (for men et women)

3. Pyjamas (men)

4. Sweat pants (men)

5. Laundry detergent (pods)

6. Disposable razors (new, unopened)

7. Travel size tooth paste, shampoo and shaving cream

8. Lock (new, combination or with key)

9. Chewing gum, breath mints

10. Soft, compact carrying bags

Here are a few more unconventional ideas for donations that are always greatly appreciated:

  • Ear plugs (to cut out noise in sleeping quarters at night)

  • Board games in good condition

  • Gift cards (local coffee shops, fast food and grocery stores)

We kindly ask that people limit their in-kind donations to this list during the winter season, due to limited storage space.

To make an in-kind donation, please drop your donations off, day or night, at the reception at 915 Clark Street.

For more information, please contact Christopher Quinn, Director of Support Services by e-mail at cquinn@missionoldbrewery.ca or by phone at 514 798-2244, extension 247.

If you’d like to help but are unable to give in-kind, you can also help fund our programs and services by making a quick and secure online donation.

Help us say mission accomplished by donating today!


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