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Socks for Bubbly a rousing success: 4,562 pairs of socks 

28 November 2014

A restaurant initiative to collect socks for Montreal’s homeless men and women during November 2014, brought in 4,562 pairs of warm socks.

Restaurant Gus chef/owner David Ferguson was the brains behind this fundraiser after he heard that many homeless suffer from foot problems.

Socks are a scarce commodity at homeless shelters. He figured that “many of us donate our used shirts or pants to community organizations or shelters because they still have some wear left in them. Socks don’t, so we toss them.”

Ferguson contacted the Old Brewery Mission, Dans la Rue and Sun Youth, which confirmed an important need for new socks and that socks are rarely donated.

Ferguson got five other restaurants on board, and the game was on.

During Socks for Bubbly, the six restaurants offered a free glass of sparkling wine in return for a pair of new socks in order to encourage donations.

Ferguson also decided to hold a special dinner at Gus on November 18, 2014, from which 100 per cent of the proceeds were assigned “toward buying one big boatload of socks,” as he put it.

“I was overwhelmed and humbled by the response,” said Ferguson. “I had no idea what I was doing but I was taken aback by how quickly people got the idea. Four thousand pairs of socks is great but that’s less than 10 per cent of what is needed. For sure we’re going to do this again next year,” Ferguson said.

Well done, Montreal.

We thank David Ferguson, Restaurant Gus, Boucherie Lawrence , Micro Resto La Famille, Pastaga, Gema and Santa Barbara as well for this sweet fundraising initiative.

Read the article on the Montreal Gazette.

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